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Mrs. St. Dabkus, Founder of Alex Cosmetic GmbH, graduated from Cosmetic College in Vienna, Austria in 1942. She immediately started to work in a very well known Beauty Salon at the time that was visited by opera singers and numerous theater stars who admired her excellent work and inspired her to quickly open her own beauty salon. She collaborated with her sister who was a pharmacist and they began to develop cosmetic products which was a rare venture at that time.

During this period, St.Dabkus found old holistic medicine books dated back to 1901 containing some trusted formulas which were used to treat skin illnesses. The sisters experiment with and improved the formulas and in the year 1958, St.Dabkus started the first trials with the Herbal Peeling Method. The excellent results motivated her to develop a special product line which would protect sensitive skin directly after the Peeling treatment. Thanks to old holistic medicine, she found and improved the product we now know as Herbal BB Cream.

Over the years the product was improved and modified by pharmacologists and medical doctors and became a bestseller all over the world. Alex Cosmetic Herbal Peeling Method was treated on countless individuals with various skin problems and became the favorable method to achieve the best results in skin rejuvination and regeneration, naturally. Herbal Peeling can be used on any part of the body and is completely safe. If the herbs or particles accidently come into contact with your eyes, it does not burn or cause any discomfort and can be easily washed away with tap water. That alone showed customers the difference compared to any other peeling method and gave them the confidence to use our method with peace of mind.

1942-1944 Beauty college in Vienna/Austria
1945-1958 Development of first products
1958 Development of herbal peel mask
1958-1987 General manager of beauty salon 'Health Cosmetic'
1988-1999 Development of several natural cosmetic product lines
1999 Alex Cosmetic Limited was founded

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